Must-Read Destiny Level Guide - After Lv20

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Do you know that destiny changes considerably after reaching level 20 and passing the level cap? The role of XP changes. While XP continues to contribute to the development of abilities and improvement of weapons, it no longer contributes to leveling. If you still not enjoy the level 20, the best choice for you choose destiny power leveling.

Rather, leveling becomes tied to destiny light, an attribute associated with certain legendary equipment and weapons. Light is a numeric value assigned to an individual item which may also be increased through developing that item's abilities through use.


The Legendary Gear associated with light can be obtained at level 20 in several ways:


- Through Crucible Marks, a form of currency obtained through some Crucible Modes, including Rumble. Crucible Marks can be spent in The Tower to purchase Legendary Gear. (Control, Clash, Rumble and Skirmish all earn you equal amounts of Crucible Marks and Reputation: 2-3 marks depending on losing or achieving victory, and 10 reputation no matter if you win or lose. You can only earn 100 marks per week.


Through Vanguard Marks, a form of currency obtained through the Daily Heroic Story and Weekly Heroic Strike. Vanguard Marks may be spent in The Tower for Legendary Gear. Level 18 strikes earn you 10 Vangaurd reputation. Level 20 strikes earn you 13 reputation and 2 marks. Level 22 strikes earn you 14 reputation and 3 marks. And level 24 strikes earn you 25 reputation and 6 marks. You can only earn 100 marks per week.


Through Loot Drops on ordinary missions, including Engrams.


As Legendary gear is combined, new level thresholds are reached. As a player continues to grind, Legendary levels continue to unlock.




Daily Heroic Strikes are special events which unlock daily for post-game players. They become available after reaching Level 20, and offer special Vanguard Rewards. They are more difficult versions of Story Missions with modifiers to increase the challenge. These Strikes earn you 5 Vanguard marks for use in purchasing Legendary gear from Tower Vendors. Note that you can only earn 100 Vanguard marks in a given week.




These high-difficulty strike Missions grant significant Vanguard Mark bonuses. They unlock and rotate weekly for Level 20 characters. These Strikes earn you 3 Vanguard Marks, 150 Vanguard reputation and 3 Strange Coins which are used to purchase gear from a vendor who only appears on weekends.