Some useful tips for Destiny newbie

destiny-store Date: Aug/16/14 11:45:16 Views: 329

Destiny's beta has run for several days on PlayStation platforms and it just started on Xbox platforms. Today We'd like to share some beta tips based on our experience and get from the internet. Hope they can help you.



General Tips:
1)You will need PS+ to play the co-op Strike on PS4. The same should happen on Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold should be required).
2)There are a lot of underground locations to explore. Don't hesitate to discover more.
3)You will encounter very tough enemies (level appear as ???) when you go deep into some facilities or carves.
4)Gear in the stores refreshes every few hours and different items could hit the shelf.
5)Skywatch is the place to go if you want to farm Glimmer. Cosmodrome (explore mode) also has a lot of loot chests.
6)Ether Seeds and Black Wax Idol are two comsumables that increase Glimmer gain.
7)Weapons, armors, and other items in the vault in Tower as well as Glimmer are shared across your account.
8)You can compare your inventory item to your equipped item by pressing R2.

Combat Tips:
1)Weapons and armors will level up as you keep using them.
2)In normal mode (haven't played the hard mode), you won't worry about lack of ammo.
3)In normal mode melee weapon is usually more effective against common enemies.
4)Think twice when you want to equip another weapon for Special and Heavy weapon slot for it will remove your ammo for weapons in these slots.
5)Make a smart use of your supercharged ability and trust me, it can turn the tide.
6)If you are in a fireteam, killing enemies with supercharged ability will benefit your teammates. The enemy will drop item called Orbs of Light which turns a Guardian into supercharged state.
7)The Fallen and the Hive fight each other in Rocketyard and Skywatch sometimes. You can jump into the battle or just watch it.
8)Enemy drops ammo. White ammo is for Primary weapons, green is for Special weapon and purple is for Heavy.
9)Most weapons have a stat called Impact, which increases the damage inflicted by each round. I think it also makes enemy stagger for a while, giving you a chance to do headshot or melee kill.
10)There are three types of armor bonuses: Intellect shortens melee ability cooldown, Discipline shortens grenade cooldown, and Strength shortens supercharged ability cooldown.