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The essential tips for you to play destiny better

With the Destiny looming just around the corner, we, the elite of Sony, have uncovered secrets of Old Russia which we are willing to share. At Nerd Reactor, every single writer/editor with a PS4 in possession spent the last week in a gaming haze. We ventured into Bungie’s latest masterpiece in full swing, even if given just a taste. While I’m sure that most will prefer to explore for themselves, many gamers wish to simply “pwn faces” as soon as they possibly can.

These are some simple tips will get you geared up and ready to go for the Iron Banner tournament or Crucible matches, in addition to PvE content.

1. Pick whichever class sounds the most fun to you, don’t worry about outside influences.
This is an absolutely imperative point to get across for any gamer venturing into an MMO-like environment. Even if your friends keep pestering you to be the class they don’t want, why get the leftovers?

Destiny works in a way where while the holy trinity (Tank/Support/Damage) will still hold the ideal team comp, it isn’t likely to hamper your adventures with an extra hunter or warlock.Pick the class you want, enjoy, and love it, as you’ll become quite attached to your Guardian.

2. Death means nothing in Destiny.

Thus far, we have yet to see any real penalties for death in explore or story mode. While the Crucible will have you murdering your fellow Guardians in excessive quantities, you won’t spend too much time dead in the field. This is simply because the current content is extremely easy. There isn’t much of a challenge, and I was able to begin the first mission in hard mode. Considering my inability to finish Halo on Legendary, it isn’t much of a feat.

Even if you die, the respawn timers are quite short, and during a Strike mission, your allies can just run around like idiots until your timer (30 seconds) has expired.

3.Take some time in creating your character, you’ll see it much more often than other FPS games.
Not much else to explain here, but it’s important enough to be in the top four. Character creation doesn’t take that long in Destiny, but will determine the face you see every time you enter the tower, mount your bike, use an emote, check your items/stats or watch a cinematic.

4.Try to save your engrams for level 8.
Engrams are the main “randomized” items you will receive from random enemy drops in Destiny. What many don’t know is that they scale in level. So an Engram picked up at level 1 will still give you an item of level 8 or close when used while you are of that level. Especially since the beta is capped, you’ll want to save these for 8.

5.Participate in public events every chance you get.
Public events have been the most entertaining part of leveling thus far. Ranging from a simple “Kill this dude before he gets here” to massive battles at Skywatch between enemy factions. These events will give you great rewards and vanguard reputation (received through the mail), used to obtain awesome items.

You’ll also most likely get better than average loot results as more of the enemies are unique or more powerful versions. You’ll especially want to participate in the Iron Banner tournament, as there is a possibility of free legendary items, even from a loss.

6.Make friends, use voice chat, stay together.

While Destiny does need some improvements when it comes to this department, I found that using voice chat in both PvP and PvE environments greatly improved my overall gaming experience. Communication is key in gaming, and has been considered the biggest advantage in team play. Why have that awkward silent moment when you’re trying to emote your way into something that could be easily communicated?

Add them as friends, worst case, even if they don’t own a mic, you’ll at least make a new pal and partner for future adventures. Don’t forget to wait for teammates either, charging ahead by yourself can lead to some embarrassing deaths.

7.Make use of your ability trees and learn to balance stats.
While this is normal and essential to any MMO junkie such as myself, many fail to understand the significance of balance in games with limited gear types. While I won’t go too much into detail just yet, I’ll state that having a good balance between Disciple and Strength will enable additional strategies as well as playstyles. Make sure you read up your talents, as they will govern not only what your special abilities do, but your character’s toughness, regeneration, and running/jumping speeds.

8.Not all gear is made equal.

Items, especially weapons in Destiny can sometimes look extremely similar. For example, you’ll have two Shingen-C auto rifles. While they’ll seem to have exactly the same stats, minute differences almost always make one a better choice over the other.