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The Guide to Level Up and Gain XP in Destiny Beta

Destiny beta, which became available for Xbox One and Xbox 360, is the game as it currently stands in production as opposed to a preview of the full version of Destiny that has the release date of September 9th. One of the heaviest restrictions of the beta format of Destiny is the level cap currently in place. At the moment players are only able to reach level 8, which is the same as the level cap in the Destiny Alpha. Despite the seemingly low level cap, in a beta period that only has four days remaining, it is important to level up quickly in Destiny.



A lot of the activities that you can take part in within the Destiny universe will gain experience for you, which at set points will cause you to level up. However some methods are much quicker than others and will be valuable Hints and Tips for Destiny gameplay once the full version is released. For the Destiny beta it is crucial to complete the limited number of missions that are available to gamers, while this will be easier for PS4 and PS3 users with their extra on the beta, it is one of the best ways to level up quickly in the Destiny beta.

In spite of the select number of missions you can do in the Destiny beta, gamers are not limited to that face value. Destiny players are able to return to the previous missions they have completed and play them again to gain extra experience points for leveling up. This may initially seem dull and an unexciting way to spend your limited time on the Destiny beta, but there are extensive perks to be had. The difference players feel when working through missions again can be momentous, if they select the higher difficulty. Guardians will earn more experience points for tackling enemies that are higher levels than themselves, there is a general rule of thumb that is: the higher the enemy’s level is than yours, the more experience you get for beating them. So by returning to missions that you already know the landscape of, you can enjoy the advantage of familiarity while shooting down tougher enemies from your favourite positions.

On average, players will need to start repeating missions on the higher difficulty around level 4. But they will only need to go through that process until they reach level 6, with which Guardians are able to carry out bounties which are claimed to be the most effective way of earning experience and leveling up in the Destiny beta. Bounty missions are selected in the Tower from the relevant character and are a two-step process. At first you must select the bounty you will carry out and then once you’ve completed it return to the person from whom you selected the bounty and claim your reward.

Clearly, if you do not or cannot complete the bounty there will be nothing for you to claim, but that isn’t the idea here. When selecting the bounty you are going to carry out, information is given that details what you will gain from taking the bounty, including the experience that you’ll earn. It is important to realize that the experience offered by bounties can go up to 5,000 points, so select your bounty missions carefully for leveling up. However the more rewards you see for a bounty, the harder it will most probably be; so if you’re new to bounties and are a fresh level 6 Guardian, it may be wiser to select the easier ones and work your way up to the best missions for experience.

A mixture of bounties and replaying harder previous missions will see you rise to level 8 in no time at all. But don’t let yourself get distracted by the numerous elements in the Destiny beta that will tempt you away from your mission. You have to return to where you selected your bounty to reap the rewards for your efforts, whereas the experience gained in killing tough enemies in previous missions is immediate.