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The Preview of Game Modes in Destiny

There are several different Game Modes available in Destiny. Each one offers a different experience, however slight, and gives players diverse options on how long they wish to play and what they want to experience.


destiny game mode


This is where competitive PvP (Player versus Player) combat takes place. Although PvP might not be appealing to everyone, you can still level up and earn loot rewards here, making it a great way to level up if quests aren't cutting it anymore.

Explore mode allows you to traverse a section of the map, free of any quests. Here, you can explore at your own pace, finding secret alcoves and items, and complete mini quests, activated by interacting with small, blinking beacons.

While in story mode, you will complete missions and other quests in a specific order, slowly uncovering the secrets of the Destiny world along the way.

The Tower isn't a mode, but instead a hub area where you walk around in third person, speaking with merchants and accepting Bounties.