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Two Destiny Missions Detail Guide

There are two missions in destiny, one is Story and other is Exploration. on this guide, you will learn and worKthrough every missions details.


Story missions

Before starting a story mission, you can select its difficulty level

You can play story missions solo or with other players. After selecting a mission from the galaxy map or a planet map, you need to determine its level of difficulty. If you select a higher difficulty level, you will have to cope with stronger opponents. Moreover, your character's armor will be weakened and the effectiveness of his weapons reduced.

Note - Story missions can be replayed many times in order to e.g. earn extra experience points or once again face previously defeated bosses (they often drop valuable items).

After the end of each mission, its full summary is displayed. You get information about e.g. gained experience points and gathered Destiny Glimmer, character's progress, how many opponents were killed and how many times the controlled character died. You can compare your results with those of other players who took part in the mission.

Note - Doing story missions is often rewarded by extra prizes (such as better weapons or armor). These items can be claimed from designated persons residing in the Tower.


Exploration missions

Exploration missions do not have a single pre-stated objective. Their primary goal is to promote free exploration of related locations, allowing you to engage in randomly generated side missions. In order to reach starting points of the aforementioned side missions it is best to use a help of the Ghost. Once you locate a flashing marker (an example of this is on the picture above) you have to confirm that you want to do the mission.

In one type of missions you have to gather items dropped by enemies - Exploration missions - Types of missions - Destiny - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The list below presents the most common types of side missions:

  • Analyzing trails - You have to get to a set location, clear it out if necessary, and analyze trails.
  • Reconnaissance of the enemy numbers - You have to get to a set vintage point and stay there until the reconnaissance is over. This is made difficult by possible enemy attacks that the character is vulnerable to.
  • Eliminating enemies - You have to kill enemies until the percentage progress bar is full.
  • Killing a strong enemy - You have to get to a hideout/lair of a designated enemy and have your share in eliminating him.
  • Reconnaissance of a location - You have to get to a location set by the game (e.g. dungeons) and stay there until the percentage progress bar is full.
  • Transmit data - You have to get to a set location, clear it out if necessary, and transmit data.
  • Collecting items - You have to eliminate a particular type of enemies (e.g. Hive) and collect the items they drop until the percentage progress bar is full.