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Voice Chat Beta Version Will Come to Destiny on November 17th With 1.03 Update

Bungie has announced that in a new patch coming on November 17th on all platforms, version 1.03, they will be adding a beta version of Voice Chat function to the game.


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Voice Chat Beat Come to Destiny on November 17th with 1.03 update

Certain activities will now allow for Opt-In Voice Channels, which will allow you to connect with other Guardians.

Upon landing in an activity where opt-in voice is enabled, you’ll receive a notification that says Team voice chat now available. Look to the lower left of your screen for the prompt.


You will be able to join a chat by entering Navigation Mode, and looking at the lower right of the screen for the prompt to enter a chat.

To deactivate the public option and retreat to a more private corner with friends who have joined your Fireteam, just revert back to Fireteam Chat using the same Navigation Mode menu. At any time, the channel you’re using will be displayed in the lower right. You can always toggle between channels using the highlighted directional buttons.


All the functionalities of Voice Chat will be managed with the directional pad, and allow you to choice if you want to chat or not.