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5 Things You Should Remember in The Destiny Crucible

You may have been given some fantastic advice for playing The Crucible by Destiny Game Designer Lars Bakken, which should help you survive a little longer and keep that kill to death ratio in the black. Today we will share a little more, so let's dig in now!



1. Level Advantages are Disabled in Standard Crucible Matches
"In the standard Control playlist, we normalize incoming and outgoing damage to keep players on a level playing field", explains Bakken.Don't fret that you'll be out-matched by your rivals either, as "people bring in all their own gear, and we Matchmake players based on Skill."

2. Control is a hybrid of Team Deathmatch and Objective Modes
Of course, the aim of the Control matches in the Crucible is to hold on to as many bases as possible for as long as you can. You get 10 minutes per match, so you either wait until the timer runs out or it's the first team to reach 20,000 points that wins.

"Every action players do above the standard kill will give them more points. Getting kills with a headshot, melee, grenade, Super, Heavy weapons, or vehicle will all add additional points on top of each kill," said Bakken. "Most importantly, for each Control Point your team holds, everyone on that team gets a bonus modifier on every kill."That last one comes in really handy too, as we've observed when the points are getting really tight in the closing minutes of the match.

3. Keep watching the Tracker in the upper left corner
For your own team, friendlies appear as blue dots, but your own Fire Team will show up as green dots instead of blue.But, the tracker's really great for helping you spot incoming enemies."Enemies always show up on the Tracker, so it has nothing to do with movement," reminded Bakken. "If they are crouched, they will ping less frequently, but still show up.""The Tracker is broken up into segments, and we generally show where the enemies are without revealing the exact position.""When the centre piece stars flashign that means an enemy is within 6 metres, and we call that the panic zone."

4. Ammo crates are useful, but can be traps
You'll always spawn with primary ammo, but it's the special and heavy ammo that you'll need to scout out in the maps. It can be found in ammo crates strewn around the maps, but watch out because these can be used against you."Ammo Crates can be shared. When a teammate activates a crate, it will also create ammo for any nearby teammates. This is true of both Special (Green) and also Heavy (Purple). It's a great idea to gather teammates around a Heavy Ammo Crate so everyone gets ammo, but beware that some enemies will try to bait you with this."You'll be given 10 second warnings before ammo drops too, so you can plan your tactics for the good or bad.

5. Supers can be your best friend
Your supercharged powers are on a timer and it isn't affected when you die either, so make sure to take advantage of your Guardian's special abilities."The timer can be sped up by doing good things that help your team: Kills, Assists, and Neutralising and Capturing Control points all speed up your timer."Although, use your Supers wisely, as Bakken reminds us that "many Supers have a warm-up animation and vulnerability, so using it in the heat of battle is no always the best idea."