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How to Choose Character Classes in Destiny

There are three character classes available in Destiny - Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. You choose the character class at the beginning of the game, namely while creating a new character. The classes primarily differ in available sets of skills. The differences also include outfits, weapons and equipment, which may be reserved for particular classes.



Once chosen, character class cannot be changed, however, the game allows you to freely adjust Subclasses of your character. For example, a Titan can be developed toward offensive Striker subclass or a Defender, who is focused on protecting allies. Each subclass has a slightly different set of skills associated with movement, combat, grenades, or special attacks.

Character development in Destiny is based on rules that are very similar to the ones from many other games of the type. Doing quests and defeating enemies earns you experience points. Accumulating a required number of points gives access to new skills within a chosen subclass. Depending on the type of skill, it must either be ascribed to a pad button first (e.g. a new special attack) or it will work automatically (if it is a passive ability).