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An Overview of the Destiny Locations

Bungie and Activision’s highly anticipated game Destiny has be available in its beta mode for PS4 and PS3. But before delve into the universe Bungie moved onto after Halo, get hyped about the expansive and vast spaces you’ll be able to explore as one of the Guardians. However exactly how big that new universe will be has come up in heated discussions across the Internet.




Nevertheless awaiting Guardians have been reassured that Destiny will be an ever-expanding game. One day you’ll see the Destiny universe in one light and in a matter of days there may be a wave of new details that revolutionise how you see the game. Bungie have said they will be hiring people to eventually work around the clock to keep up the Destiny university variety. The planet and moon locations we currently know about are as follows:

It was the first step for human exploration, but now the explorers are more likely to flee the area than delve in deeper. The reason? The Destiny moon is now the home to enemy species The Hive, an ancient opponent looking to destroy humans and Guardians alike. Despite the hostile presence of enemies, the moon is a futuristic environment featuring a human space base.

Do not picture the familiar when imagining planet Earth in Destiny, you will definitely be wrong. The environment we know is projected into a post-apocalyptic state, where nature is retrieving the planet from human but it has some competitors in its path too. The Earth locations are hostile, dangerous areas in the Destiny universe, where there could be a ship of The Fallen around any corner.


Game designers must have taken a lot of inspiration from the planet Mars we know of today, because the Destiny version bares similarities. It appears to be a dry, sandy environment where you wouldn’t want to get caught without plentiful supply. The Cabal enemy rules the roost on Mars, but once upon a time there was a human city for the eye to behold. That time has been long gone however and all that remains is a shell and lots of sandy dust.

Whereas Mars may seem as we expected, images of Destiny’s planet Venus look more like nature’s greenhouse. Featuring oceans and jungles, and shivering below volcano eruptions and lightening storms, Venus hosts a human research station amidst the acid and sulfur found in the air.