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How to work with your friends to combat in Destiny

In the coming new game Destiny,While playing the storyline campaign on your own is totally immersive, with a fantastic score and excellent lighting details, there’s just something about playing with friends that makes Destiny even better.




We had a go in a Fire Squad of three, whiling away the hours by completing the four storyline missions offered in the beta, and blasting away as a team at enemies such as the the Knights and Wizards.

There are several benefits of playing as a squad: not only can your teammates revive you if you’re downed, but it’s the fact Destiny ramps up the intensity to compensate for your increased firepower. You'll find that heavies are tougher the more members of the team you have and the enemies will increase in veracity and number too.

This is where Destiny really comes alive, fighting gets tough unless you’re prepared to work as a team and it gets even more interesting when you have a mix of classes.

Although Destiny is still fantastic on your own, co-op is where it’s at for Bungie’s latest title.