Destiny Character Creation in-depth Guide

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Destiny, is an intergalactic affair that lets players choose not only their gender, but also their race and markings.The beta version of Destiny becomes available to PS4 and PS3 gamers next week and to Xbox One and Xbox 360 the week after. But don’t expect to jump straight into the game. With a number of customization options for your character, some players will take their time making the agonizing decisions that will stay with your character throughout your Destiny experience.

The first choice Destiny gamers will have is their class, whether that’s Titan, Hunter or Warlock. A Titan class Destiny character will benefit from heavy armor and weapons, whereas the Hunter Destiny class keeps its focus on stealth while combining strength and speed. The Warlock class Destiny character works with the magic forces of The Traveler combined with modernized weapons. Whichever Destiny class you select, all of the weapons are class-free so you can use any of them.

Once you have opted for the class that looks best to you, the next step is to design your appearance. The character customization process initially focuses on the character’s facial appearance, that being the area, which personifies Destiny characters. But before you get onto the finer details, you will need to decide which race your character will be. There are a total of three races to choose from in Activision’s Destiny, namely the human race, the exo race and the awoken race. As you may expect, the human race looks a lot like the actual human race. You’re able to choose what skin tone your character has, likening it to yourself if you want to. That also applies to the eye colour options you’re presented with; they are all the natural colours we’re used to, how exciting.


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If you would prefer to deviate away from your human roots, you could alternatively choose the awoken race of Destiny character. Inspired by the likes of ghosts, angels and vampires, the awoken race are similar to the human race in terms of the available face shapes that players can choose from. The awoken’s skin colouring however it slightly different, ranging from pale blue to violet. Once again the eye colours available are bright and varied including white, orange and red. An array of different looks can be achieved by selecting different skin and eye colours, then matching them with coloured markings. All three of the Destiny races are able to having markings on their face, appearing like tribal tattoos or war paint. The awoken race possesses hair, which you can customize in terms of style and colour. Choose wisely; remember you may want to come across as a fierce fighter at some point in the game!


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The third Destiny race differs from the previous two and is called the exo race. With an appearance resembling robots, the exo are customizable too. Although it looks like a headpiece, as opposed to a real head, you’re able to select the ‘skin colour’ for your exo selection, as well as the eye and mouth colours, which seem to be lights in the headpiece. Rather than designing hair, players can select the head feature that their exo characters have; styles include plates and bolts attached to the headpiece. In addition to these visual aspects, players are able to choose whether their character is female or male and that’s available for each of the three races.



When it comes to deciding which race your Destiny character is, you only need to consider your own stylistic preferences. The decision has no impact on the story or your abilities as you progress through Destiny. Similarly you determine your own character’s name, which a personal decision entirely up to you.Will you be picking the human, exo or awoken race? How about the class, do you see yourself as a hunter, titan or warlock playing through Destiny?