Destiny Detail Guide to Enemies and Classes

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As you battle through locations far and near, there will be swarms of Destiny enemies trying to stop the Guardians and it’s your job to defeat them. Bungie have currently spilled the beans on four Destiny enemy species: the Fallen, the Hive, the Vex and the Cabal races. Each of the species will challenge you until one of you can’t take any more, whether that’ll be you or the foe has yet to be seen though. Your next chance to take on these Destiny enemies is in the beta version period, stating on July 17th for PS4 and PS3 players and July 23rd for Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers. Look through the following list of Destiny enemies to prepare for the fights that the future of Earth depends on.


When you consider the enemies that attack you throughout Bungie’s Halo series, the wait for Destiny’s turn send chills down the spin that tingle in excitement of the fierce battles you’re soon to have. Without further ado, it’s time to meet the Destiny enemies you’ll fight to the end!

The Fallen Race:
They may appear like torn spiders, but this Destiny enemy species will be found around any corner waiting for the next fight. The Fallen were once a proud race, consisting of houses that represented nobility through their markings, but those days are long gone. As you meet them, the Fallen really have fallen from greatness and now travel around aboard their vehicles accompanied by a pirate mentality of scavenging and brutality. The old houses of The Fallen harbor has much hatred for one another as they do for the Guardians, but how these space pirates will act is still a mystery. The Fallen maintain a system of hierarchy, starting with the lowest level Dreg, who only have two arms in comparison to the other Fallen’s four arms. The next species rank is the Vandal, who are stronger and possess long-range weapons you’ll need to watch out for. The final tier is the Captain, who wields a pair of swords and is protected by heavy armor. Be ready to face the Fallen race at any time, they’ll be ready for you.

Older than you would dare to imagine, the Hive race have survived millions of year by mysterious means that have caused their armor to entwine with their skin. When you look upon the Hive species it will be difficult to identify them as alive or the undead. The Hives’ ships give the same impression as they float through space, eroding with the continuation of millennia of wreckage. There are numerous classes of the Hive; Thrall is the basic rank of this Destiny enemy species, followed by Knight and Acolyte. The next class of the Hive race is the Wizard, who is a foe of flight that use ranged attacks. Then there is the Ogre class, a Hive boss using powerful attacks and energy blasts to fight the Guardians. The final Hive species class you must watch out for is the Shrieker, who fight with large armour to protect them. The Hive species resides mainly on the Moon, approach with caution or a kick-ass weapon.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this type of Destiny enemy is a robot; far from it they are partially organic. Although that may be difficult to realize as they’re said to be made from an ancient metal resembling beaten brass, but even that is unknown within Destiny. This enemy of the Guardians is gathering armies and building warp gates around the solar system with the ability to transfer forces from other places across the depths of space. When it comes to taking the Vex on, aim for their stomachs instead of their heads, that’s the weak spot! Similar to the previous Destiny enemies listed here, the Vex consist of classes. The basic Vex model is the Goblin, which is only normally able to overpower enemies in great numbers. Their larger counterpart is the Hobgoblin and the second upgrade is the Minotaur Vex, which has three glowing eyes to stare you down with. Keep aware of your surroundings when it comes to facing the next class of Vex, as they’re able to float in the air to attack you. That will be visually interesting considering the Hydra possesses a likeliness to robotic centipedes. The last Vex class is the Harpy, which shoots from its mouth full of filaments.

When you learn they’re known as ‘War Rhinos’, you know the Cabal Destiny enemy is going to be a tough opponent in battle. The species has a military focus, seeking to expand their empire and conquer all who stand in the way. Also referred to as a ‘space age roman empire’ there is a military theme to this Destiny enemy species class system. At the base-class is the Legionnaire, who mindlessly charges into the fight like the rhino beast it resembles. With jump jets, the Centurion Cabal class is more mobile than its lesser class, but even tougher than the Centurion is the Gladiator who utilizes cannons. They may be smaller than the other Cabal Destiny enemy classes, but the Psion harness mental abilities that will put a stop to the unwise enemies they face. Make sure that isn’t you.