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Detail Guide to Destiny Classes & Abilities

When you play Destiny, whether that’s on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 or PS3, you’ll be able to switch between your characters’ subclasses to whatever suits your mission at hand. But what are they?




As one of the Guardians, it is your job to protect planet earth as a Hunter, Titan or Warlock. The choice is yours and is the first you make in your Destiny playing experience along with a series of customisations you can read about in our guide Destiny Classes, Races and their Customisations. Although the different classes won’t affect which weapons you can play with, they do influence the abilities and skills your character can develop. The subclasses progression is based on an XP system that earns you points to spend on upgrades. With each of the subclasses following a skill tree progression system, players will have the chance to develop their abilities across a range of skills including movement abilities, passive and active attacks.

There appear to be three subclasses per Destiny class, however until we access the Destiny beta in seven days time Bungie could still have a trick or two up their sleeves. So far we have the information for at least two of the subclasses for the Hunter, Titan and Warlock classes. Each of the subclasses, previously known as Focuses, has a Super Ability in keeping with the subclass type that players will work through. Continue reading for a breakdown of the Destiny subclass skills information!

Destiny Hunter Class
Starting with the Hunter Destiny class, the solar subclass is currently known as Gunslinger. This Hunter subclass gives players an offensive edge and has the Super Ability Ghost Gun, which is also known as Golden Gun. The Destiny footage shown displays players wielding a golden gun that fires high thermal shots that will take down enemies in a single shot. Alternatively you can play as a Bladedancer Hunter, running across the Earth, Mars and Moon landscapes wielding knives to take out enemies. The Super Ability for this subclass, the Arc Blade, does exactly this a super-speed glowing frenzy, taking out three enemies before they can even grab their weapon.

Destiny Titan Class
If you choose to play Destiny as part of the Titan class, you’ll have the option to at least play as a Defender Codex Titan and a Striker Codex Titan. As the names hint at, the Defender Codex is the Titan’s defensive subclass, focusing on protective skills as opposed to the all-out offensive ones that the Striker Codex encourages. Although the Super Ability titles for those subclasses haven’t been confirmed by Bungie information sources yet, what has been revealed is the Fist of Havoc skill. With this Destiny Super Ability, players will see their characters leap into the air and crash down with a powerful force, taking out nearby enemies.

Destiny Warlock Class
The third part of the tripartite class system in Destiny is the Warlock class. Described as the mystical class of the Destiny characters, Warlocks find their strength in combining the Traveller’s given powers with weapons and this is reflected in their subclasses. With a poetic name like Firesinger, this Warlock subclass provides the support skill tree for players, enabling them to protect or heal fellow players depending on their state of progression. The Super Ability you’ll be aiming for if you select this Destiny subclass is Radiance, shining a large protective dome over areas during battle; it will certainly come in handy during your Destiny experience. The second Super Ability that Bungie have released previews of is the Nova Bomb. This offensive Super Ability will have your characters jump and release a powerful ball of energy at your foes as part of the Circle of Night Warlock Destiny subclass. The final part of the Warlock’s subclass breakdown is the Voidwalker subclass, yet to be fully explored, make sure to return to Trade in Detectives for our report on playing this mysterious Destiny subclass.

The Super Abilities for each of the Destiny subclasses are certainly worth building up to, but what makes the Destiny skills progression even more interesting are the ability modifiers that will alter how the abilities function, giving them a boost in terms of movement, speed or nature. Count down the days until Destiny beta comes out, when you’ll be able to try all of these abilities and possibly more for yourselves!