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Destiny faction detail analysis

You will play through Bungie and Activision’s latest project, Destiny, as a Guardian, but there are 5 factions who will try to pull you to their side. You can align yourself with one or none; what’s the catch?


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Guardians are set the mission in Destiny of saving the human race and the Traveller from the dreaded Darkness. As you venture through the solar system carrying out this mission, many quests will present themselves to you as tasks from factions. These groups form part of the socio-environment within Destiny’s universe, revealing much about the history behind your mission as a Guardian and the journey the universe and its inhabitants have gone on to reach this point. Not only will the factions educate you however, they fight at war with one another across the galaxy, which they’ll ask you to get involved with. The benefits of doing this and helping the factions are plentiful, but two that have been confirmed thus far are weaponry and armor rewards.

However if you’re not keen on looking like a sponsor, these rewards may not sit well with you as gameplay footage reveals some weapons and aircrafts can be decorated by the factions’ logos. But if you are a fan of themed weapons and armor, the factions have a representative in the Destiny Tower each, where they will sell you items decorated with faction logos. By battling with weapons showing your faction’s emblem, other players can clearly see which faction you’re affiliated to and act accordingly. If you’re wielding a FWC decorated gun amongst fellow Future War Cult members you’re at an advantage; if you’re surrounded by another faction like the Osiris however, then your best bet may be to switch weapons. Quickly.

The factions are a key part of the Destiny universe, but they are not limited to the campaign or patrol mode of gameplay. Factions also come into play in the multiplayer mode, but players are reassured that affiliating themselves to a faction will not block them from playing with friends who assign themselves to other factions.

Before you set your heart on joining one of these factions, pick up your controller, be it for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 or PS3, and play some Destiny to see how you feel about each of their outlook. You might be unfortunately surprised by the campaigns each faction leads, but at least you have the option to remain ‘an equal opportunity killer'.