A glimpse of the Destiny Vehicles

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Entering Bungie’s universe of Destiny, you’ll soon find that you can travel wide distances without interruption. But going about it on foot could take a while, even as a mighty and wise Guardian who knows how to use a map. So check out the following breakdown of Destiny vehicles to take a faster route to exploring Destiny and its array of differing landscapes


Destiny Vehicles

When it comes to traversing across Destiny’s vast landscapes, the Guardians one-person vehicle of choice is expected to be the Sparrow. In the first instance Sparrows will reflect a Guardian’s class as a Warlock, Hunter or Titan. But as players progress they will be able to customize and personalize their Sparrow’s to reflect their development. It has also been revealed, as mentioned in our Destiny Factions Guide, that players will be able to decorate their vehicles with the emblems of factions they support. Other you should be careful with this, showing off your new addition may get you into a lot of trouble in the wrong circles.

Although they are made and ridden by the Fallen, one of the enemy species in Destiny who will try to kill you on many, many occasions, as a Guardian you’ll be able to use them too. The Pike is one of Destiny’s land vehicles and comes with two weapons: auto cannons that shoot plasma. But don’t become too trigger-happy with the forward facing auto cannons as they’ll shoot rapidly at first and then decelerate when the trigger is held down.

Whereas the Pike moves swiftly like the Sparrow, the next Destiny vehicle needs a little more time to get going. The Interceptor is a land vehicle that is equipped with boosts and powerful weapons that fire explosive shells. The cannons themselves are used best in gameplay at mid-range fire, where they can take out a foe with a single hit. However the shells can’t be accessed while you’re using the boost function, which you’re limited to using for one second every few seconds.

Destiny Class Exclusive Vehicles
The three classes of Destiny Guardian, namely Hunter, Titan and Warlock, will have their own type of Sparrow vehicles for you to play with. The Warlock Guardians will be privileged in riding around on Seeker vehicles. They’ll feel the benefits of boosted acceleration and more efficient brakes in comparison to their Sparrow-riding companions. Two versions of the Seeker are currently known; they are the S-21 Seeker and S-22 Seeker.

Those of you who fancy yourselves as Hunters will be able to cruise around various Destiny environments atop a Nomad vehicle. These Destiny vehicles are also available in two types, the S-21 Nomad and the S-22 Nomad. The differences between the two models are currently undisclosed, but what the Hunters are sure to enjoy is the better acceleration and sharper braking skills that the Nomad possesses.

Along with the Seeker and Nomad models of the Sparrow vehicle, players will be able to purchase the Titan exclusive vehicle up in the Destiny tower. The name of the Destiny Titan vehicle is the Cavalier, known to exist in S-20 and S-22 forms. In comparison to the basic Sparrow that every Guardian will ride, the Cavalier will be more robust in keeping with its Titan rider, as well as accelerating quicker and braking harder too.