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Guide to collect grimoire card in Destiny

The gates to the world of Destiny is now accessible for both PlayStation and Xbox players.You can all resume saving the Traveller and planet Earth, whilst taking out the likes of Hive and each other in PvP combat.the Destiny event that you can find out more about with our preview to the Destiny Beta Event To Change Guardians. However there is even more to be gained from your exploration and fighting efforts than weapon and armour. Throughout the Destiny universe gamers are able to collect Grimoire Cards, which will also bring you Glimmer and in-game benefits.


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Destiny players, of all varieties, will be able to gather the Grimoire Cards and as a result increase their Grimoire Score. Bungie have teased Destiny fans that they can unlock goodies in the Destiny universe with their Grimoire Points, but they haven’t yet revealed exactly what prizes players are able to access with their Grimoire Score. But in addition to your character, the Grimoire Cards will be able to interact with the Destiny Companion App, available for iOS and Android, another element that requires exploring.

The Grimoire Cards themselves reveal further detail about Destiny the game. Displaying a picture of a weapon, character or item, the Grimoire Cards divulge information about the element pictured. PlayStation and Xbox Destiny players are able to check their Grimoire Card collection and Grimoire Score via the Bungie website. But before you can do that, you need to get some Grimoire Cards and fortunately what follows is a list of how you can collect the Grimoire Cards in Destiny as you progress through the game.

Be warned! The Destiny Grimoire Cards reveal details about the abilities and movement modes that your characters will be able to access in time. Many will consider that information to contain spoilers, but if you don’t mind knowing what is to come, then read on. It has been often said that Destiny is a game that places high significance on weapons, with more Grenade Abilities Grimoire Cards than any other type, it is easy to understand why! The Destiny Grimoire Cards are grouped into their types and explanations will be included as they are learned. Be patient Guardian.