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Destiny tips to make use of your supercharged state

Destiny's beta has run for several days on PlayStation platforms and it just started on Xbox platforms.Our player have played the game for about a few days and I'd like to share some beta tips based on our experience and get from the internet. Hope they can help you.


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After you’ve chosen your class and got into the game a bit, you’ll want to make sure to use your supercharge abilities. If you kill enemies in the supercharged state, enemies will spawn what Bungie is calling “Orbs of Light”. These can be collected by your Fire Squad team mates and will help them get into the supercharged state too. 

The supercharged abilities are fantastic, as they’ll often help you get out of a tight spot when you’re surrounded by enemies.Each Destiny Class has its own supercharge ability, which are accessed by whacking the first two shoulder buttons simultaneously . The Hunter has the Solar Golden Gun that disintegrates your enemies using Solar Light. The Titan’s supercharge ability is Fist of Havoc, which lets you smash the ground and fry any surrounding enemies in a whirlpool of Solar Light.

If you’re looking for a bit of Hadouken action, the Warlock’s supercharge move is the Nova Bomb, which hurls an explosive bolt of Solar Light at the enemy, vaporising any that get trapped in its path