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The Detail Introduction of Destiny Armor

Armor is what defines and represents you in Destiny. Each character has 5 armor slots, 4 of which are used to cover your body with gear that increases defensive stats, while the 5th slot is used to equip a cosmetic item unique to your class.


destiny armor

Armour comes in class specific and non-class specific pieces.Armour rarities are Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue ), Legendary (purple, but red will be used here), and Exotic (gold).

Class Differences
1)50:50 armour to cloth
2)Their armour looks "scavenged" and is based off things like hazmat suits
3)Wears hoods and capes (unique item)

2)Fond of sturdy plates and sleeked back helmets
3)They have badges that are like sashes (unique item)

2)Attributed with scholarly, but battle-ready trench coats
3)Wear bonds on their left arm (unique item)

Each piece of armor will offer you various bonuses to your character. The most basic of these will be a defense increase. Every piece has a defensive stat, and the higher it is, the less damage you take.

Along with this, armor can have secondary stats. These will offer various bonuses, based on what the stat is, but only to a maximum. Once a stat reaches a certain level, it can no longer be increased and extra stat points in that area will just be wasted.