The Preview of Vehicles in Destiny

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The world of Destiny is bigger than just one planet, and you'll need several Vehicles to get the job done. Vehicles comes in all forms, from personal non-combat traveling machines to all-out assault vehicles


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Personal Non-combat Transports
Although you don't control it directly, your Spaceship gets you across the globe, and beyond. When you go to choose locations to travel to, your character will fly into orbit above the planet while you go over your options. Any group members will be shown flying alongside you, and other can join you both in group and on screen. Newer spaceships can be purchased and upgraded cosmetically, for a price of course.


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Combat and Exploration Vehicles
A Sparrow is quick, land based hover vehicle that allows for quick travel over long distances. They are upgrade-able and personal to players. They can be upgraded and given different paint schemes. Along with general upgrades done to them, they also come in different variants, such as the Shrike.

A Pike is a Fallen land based vehicle that is armed with dual forward mounted cannons. This vehicle can be found in both patrol and in the crucible map first light. It has the ability to speed boost forward and perform side to side dodging motions.