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The Tricks to earn glimmer for Destiny Beta

Glimmer is the currency used in Bungie’s latest game, Destiny and it’s something you’ll need to get your head around quickly if you’re to succeed in the Destiny beta currently available for PS4 and PS3 gamers and will become available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users on Wednesday July 23rd. As with many games, the money you earn will make a large difference to what weapons and armour you’re able to battle with, not to mention upgrades too. Roaming the Destiny universe is not a cheap pastime, but when you know how to make money and earn Glimmer, it becomes a lot easier. This guide to earning Glimmer in Destiny only applies to the beta version of the game, there may be changes made in time for the official release date September 9th. But that’s one of the best perks of having access to Destiny beta, if things don’t work as well as they should there is still time for improvements. In a game as versatile as Destiny, there are numerous ways of earning Glimmer, yet some methods are better than others. Follow on to read our guide to Glimmer in Destiny beta and prepare to fill your pockets.


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Destiny fans frequently found that Glimmer was easy to earn in the Destiny alpha, which was exclusively available for PlayStation users. They would get Glimmer for every kill they performed and side mission, players found many items were affordable very early in the game. Well don’t expect the same in the Destiny beta and probably the full version too. Bungie have turned down the amount of Glimmer than Guardians earn, making it much more challenging to collect and farm the Destiny currency. In the Destiny beta players receive hardly any Glimmer per enemy kill, unless the enemy is of ‘yellow’ ranking. But if fighting is your talent, there is still a way to profit from it with Glimmer. Competing in the Crucible will enable you to collect Glimmer each time you take out an opponent. Bungie and Activision have often emphasized that Destiny is a multiplayer game in multiple aspects and so it seems they intend to drive all players towards PvP gameplay by making that a key money earning method.

However if your fighting abilities need working on and you want Glimmer while building them up, there are alternative ways of earning Glimmer in Destiny beta. An interesting feature in Destiny is that players can break down their lesser or useless weapons in order to upgrade their other weapons. But before you rush to boosting your primary weapon, keep in mind that breaking down your weapons can also earn your Glimmer, which you can spend in the Tower to buy better ones. But that will be a timely way to farm Glimmer as players receive a low amount of the currency for each item they break down.

Destiny is not all about combat and weapons, and Bungie wanted to reward those who explore the vast universe they worked on. As you journey through Destiny there are chests to unlock that contain hidden goods. On average there is 150 Glimmer in every chest, making it a much higher reward than that given for breaking down weapons. Alongside the financial gains to be had from chests, players will also be treated to new gear when they open some of the chests too. If the new equipment doesn’t really match or fit in with the gear you’ve set yourself up with, another use for your weapons and armour is to sell it in the Tower. The merchants that reside in the Tower are sellers and buyers of a wide range of items and they’re ready to do business with you whenever you head back to your Destiny home.

Whichever method you choose to earn Destiny Glimmer in  beta, you won’t need to worry about repeating it for each of your characters. Some of the money earning tips can be time consuming and the thought of doing that for each of your saves may be daunting. However Bungie has solved this issue by enabling the player’s Glimmer to be shared between all of the player’s characters. There are two ways to interpret this feature. Either you get to save time by only earning Glimmer with one character and then enjoy the gameplay with each of the newly rich characters, or you can find your best way of earning Glimmer then apply it to all of your characters and become mega rich! Both options have perks and it really depends on your gameplay style and patience, but in any case there is Glimmer for the taking – you just need to hop into the Destiny beta and get it.